Centrul nu mai rezista

Tari si locuri spre care in trecut oameni nefericiti priveau cu speranta, ca spre niste faruri ale mantuirii pamantesti, au ajuns intr-o stare deplorabila si se indreapta spre situatii mai rele.
Asa ca, in lipsa unor astfel de faruri, dezordinea este acceptata ca o stare obisnuita sau normala si astfel haosul pune stapanire pe omenire.
Pana cand va fi oprit.

Countries and places towards whom unfortunate people used to look full of hope like towards some beacons of earthly redemption, have gotten in a deplorable state and head to even more dreadful situations.
So that, lacking such beacons, disorder is being accepted like a common or normal state and as such chaos gets a hold on humankind.
Until it is stopped.

Din poezia “The Second Coming” (“A Doua Venire”), scrisa in anul 1919 de William Butler Yeats:

“Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity. […]”

“Tot invartindu-se in vartejul tot mai larg
Soimul vanator nu-l mai poate auzi pe stapanul sau;
Lucrurile se destrama; centrul nu mai poate sa reziste;
Anarhia este dezlantuita asupra lumii,
Valul colorat de sange este eliberat, iar pretutindeni
Ceremonia nevinovatiei este inecata;
Celor mai buni le lipseste hotararea, dar cei mai rai
Sunt plini de inversunare pasionala.[…]”

Din presa majora din SUA-Daca (Donald) Trump castiga (presedintia), o lovitura de stat nu este imposibila

Dupa cum se spune intr-un articol de opinie din jurnalul “Los Angeles Times”, intitulat:
Op-Ed If Trump wins, a coup isn’t impossible here in the U.S.”
(“Articol editorial de opinie Daca Trump castiga, o lovitura de stat nu este imposibila aici in Statele Unite”)

Adresa pe Internet la 2016.07.20 16GMT:

Dupa o serie de succese cu “implementarea democratiei” in atatea si atatea tari nefericite, Statele Unite ramane ultima tara pe lista celor de zapacit si trimis in haos. Lovitura de stat? De ce nu? Doar si unii generali ai Imperiului Roman, dupa cucerirea unor teritorii imense, au avut ambitia sa cucereasca propriul imperiu, ceea ce au si facut.
Decat ca o mare parte a omenirii depinde de ce se intampla in Statele Unite, ceea ce inseamna ca ordinea si linistea trebuie asigurate acolo fie din interior, fie din exterior.
Tot ce trebuie pentru aceste doua situatii este sa existe pretexte bune.

After a series of successes with “implementing democracy” in so many unfortunate countries, the United States remain the last country on the list of those to be f*cked up and sent into chaos. A coup? Why not? After all, some generals of the Roman Empire, after conquering vast territories, strived to conquer their own empire, which they did.
Only that a good fraction of humankind depends on what is going on in the United States, which means that order and peace there must be ensured either from the inside, or from the outside.
All that is needed for these two developments is good pretexts.

Hotararea privind iesirea Regatului Unit din Uniunea Europeana poate fi ‘intoarsa din drum’

Atentie, slugilor credincioase: keyword alert!

John Kerry: Brexit could be ‘walked back’
(John Kerry: Brexitul poate fi ‘intors din drum’)

Asta e ministrul de externe al Statelor Unite ale Americii.
This person is the Secretary of State (Minister of External Affairs) of the United States of America.

Adresa-sursa pe Internet, accesibila in 2016.06.29, UTC15:00:

Zau asa. Daca pana la varsta asta nu ai aflat, o scurta lectie iti poate fi de folos: printre chestiile care nu pot fi intoarse din drum se afla:
– raurile la izvoarele lor
– planetele ce se rotesc in jurul Soarelui
– conceptiile agitatorilor de razboi
– hotararile la care se ajunge pe cale democratica, prin intrebarea poporului ce parere are.
Fiindca se pare ca nu iti place democratia a carei definitie SUA si vasalii/ostaticii lor au pervertit-o incat o impun (de fapt, imaginea sa, pe care o au ei) cu razboiul de agresiune asupra tarilor care nu li se supun de bunavoie, poti parasi planeta unde oricum ca tara sunteti din ce in ce mai putin iubiti si bagati in seama. Hai sa vedem cum poate fi “intors din drum” votul democratic, sau poate vi s-a facut de razboi civil in “tarile civilizate” ale “Vestului”; nu ca ati fi foarte departe de asa ceva, data fiind fragmentarea si tribalizarea societatii la care se lucreaza de zeci de ani.

Se pare ca POPORUL NESPALAT s-a cam saturat de aere globaliste si e gata sa trimita astfel de constructii in notele de subsol ale cartilor de istorie, acolo unde se afla atat de multe imperii din vechime.

You don’t say. If up until this age you haven’t found out yet, here’s a quick lesson that may be of some use to you: among the stuff that cannot be “walked back” there are:
– rivers back to their source
– planets that revolve around the Sun
– the mindset of warmongers
– decisions reached by democratic ways, by asking the people what is their opinion.
Since it looks like you don’t like democracy – whose definition the US and their vassals/hostages have perverted so that they impose (their idea they have of it, that is) it by war of aggression upon countries that do not bow down before you by free will – you may very well leave the planet on which you as a nation are less and less loved and listened to, anyway. Let’s see how the democratic vote can be “walked back”, or perhaps you are keen on civil war in the “civilized countries” of “the West”; not that you are very far from such issues, given the fragmentation and tribalization of society that is being worked upon since decades.

Looks like the UNWASHED PEOPLE have had quite enough of globalist airs and are ready to send such contraptions into the footnotes of history books, where so many empires of old are to be found.


Ce zi mare pentru Uniunea Europeana… Ieri, 23 iunie 2016, in Regatul Unit al Marii Britanii si Irlandei de Nord s-a desfasurat un referendum prin care majoritatea cetatenilor au votat ca acest stat sa paraseasca Uniunea Europeana.

Dar in Romania nu e nicio grija… “Autoritatile” declara ca nu e niciun pericol, desi leul (RON) s-a devalorizat rapid in raport cu Euro (EUR), iar unele facturi sunt calculate in Euro. Sigur ca nu va fi absolut niciun impact… dormiti in continuare, nespalatilor, daca spunem noi ca e bine, atunci sa faceti bine sa ne credeti.

In timp ce Romania e adormita si sforaie, Scotia si Londra (capitala Regatului Unit) deja contesta rezultatul referendumului; nu le convine ca POPORUL A VORBIT, ca amandoua sunt PARTE A REGATULUI UNIT si indraznesc sa faca opinie separata impotriva vointei majoritatii, adica sa faca un act care in esenta este critic la adresa democratiei. A castigat celalat? Faci galagie ca esti PARTE A UNEI DEMOCRATII? Atunci taci din gura si inghite pastila amara, mai asa-zisule democrat! Democratia  iti convine numai cand este in favoarea ta?

What a day for the European Union… Yesterday, June 23rd, 2016, in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland a eferendum was held, whereby the majority of citizens voted that this state would leave (part with) the European Union.

Yet, in Romania, there is no worry… The “authorities” state that there is no danger, although the local currency (RON) devalued swiftly against the EUR, and some invoices/bills here are calculated in EUR. Of course there will be absolutely no impact… so, do sleep, you the unwashed ones, if we say that everything is fine then you do well and believe us.

While Romania is asleep and snoring, Scotland and London (the capital city of the United Kingdom) are already contesting the result of the referendum; they are not comfortable with the fact that THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN and they dare to opine separately against the will of the mjaority – that is, do something which at the base is to criticise democracy. The other side has won? And you boast that you are a PART OF A DEMOCRACY? Then do shut up and swallow the bitter medicine, you so-called democrat! You are alright with Democracy only when it suits you?

Toate linkurile din acest post spre adrese pe Internet erau accesibile in 2016.06.24, 18GMT.
All links within this post to Internet addresses were accessible on 2016.06.24, 18GMT.

– EU Referendum – Uk votes to LEAVE the EU – Results
(‘Referendumul pentru apartenenta la UE – Regatul Unit voteaza sa PARASEASCA UE – Rezultatele’)

– Londoners call for capital to break away from the rest of Britain following Brexit vote
(‘Londonezii solicita ca capitala sa se desprinda de restul Marii Britanii in urma votului Brexit’)

(O idee originala in ultimii ~300 de ani! Orasele-stat sunt viitorul! Succes!
An original idea in the last ~300 years! City-states are the future! Good luck!)

Ca situatia sa fie pusa in context: pe 18 septembrie 2014, in Scotia s-a desfasurat un referendum prin care cetatenii au putut sa voteze pentru sau impotriva independentei Scotiei fata de Regatul Unit. Rezultatul a fost impotriva independentei, iar la referedumul de ieri majoritatea cetatenilor Scotiei au votat pentru ramanerea in Uniunea Europeana; dupa anuntarea rezultatului la nivel national, Scotia se declara nemultumita de acesta. Poate daca in 2014 ar fi ales sa se desprinda de Regatul Unit, astazi Scotia ar fi fost in stare sa negocieze ca un stat distinct apartenenta la UE. Deci, cine anume este de vina? Cei care in 2016 au decis parasirea UE, sau cei care in 2014 au decis ramanerea in cadrul Regatului Unit? Cineva poate numai sa faca LOL la acesti galagiosi! Cat despre Londra sa se desprinda de Regatul Unit, ar fi interesant ca in Europa sa se revina la orase-stat, LOLx2 ce mai gluma a ajuns Europa…

For this situation to be placed in a context: on September 18, 2014, in Scotland a referendum was held, when the citzens could vote for or against the independence of Scotland from the United Kingdom. The result was against the independence, while in yesterday’s referendum the majority of citizens voted for the UK to remain in the European Union; after the national results came in, Scotland is not satisfied with it. Perhaps if in 2014 it would have decided to break away from the United Kingdom, today Scotland would have been capable to negotiate as a separate state its apartenence to the EU. So then, who exactly is to blame? Those who in 2016 have decided the Leave-ing of the EU, or those who in 2014 have decided the Remain-ing within the United Kingdom? One cannot but LOL at these loudmouths! As for London to breakaway from the United Kingdom, it wowld be interesting that Europe came back to city-states, LOLx2 what a joke Europe has become…

A fost asasinat un membru al Parlamentului britanic

Doamna Jo Cox, in varsta de 41 ani, mama a doi copii si membru al Parlamentului Regatului Unit, a fost asasinata in 16 iunie 2016 de catre un barbat, fapta la care au asistat o multime de martori.
In presa se vehiculeaza ca asasinul ar fi strigat un slogan impotriva despre iesirea  Regatului Unit din Uniunea Europeana, pe cand Doamna Jo Cox ar fi sustinut ramanerea.
1) Referendumul despre apartenenta Regatului Unit la Uniunea Europeana se va sustine pe 23 iunie 2016 (http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-32810887).
2) Data fiind miza referendumului, care in cazul unui vot impotriva ramanerii in Uniunea Europeana poate slabi dramatic aceasta organizatie, e clar ca unii oameni nu se dau inapoi de la nimic.
– Adresele pe Internet din acest text erau valide in 2016.06.16, 17:00GMT –

Ms Jo Cox, 41, mother of two and a Member of the Parliament of the United Kingdom has been murdered on June 16, 2016 by a man, in full view of many witnesses.
In the press the report circulates, that the assassin had shouted a slogan about United Kingdom leaving the European Union, whereas Ms Cox was a supporter of its remaining.
1) The referendum to decide whether the UK should leave or remain in the European Uion will be held on June 23, 2016 (http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-32810887).
2) Given the stakes of the referendum, which in the case of a vote against the UK remaining in the EU could weaken this organization considerably, it is clear that some people will stop at nothing.
– The Internet addresess herein were valid on 2016.06.16, 17:00GMT –

Ritual satanic la inaugurarea unui tunel in Elvetia

Pe langa faptul ca diavolul nu are imaginatie, stie si ca nu mai are mult timp sa faca rau prin intermediul slugilor sale, asa ca unele dintre acestea isi permit sa-l imite si sa-l glorifice la lumina zilei, fara frica.
Fara frica, cu mandrie, bineinteles: inaintea prabusirii.
Foarte bine! Este bine ca oamenii sa stiu cu ce si cu cine au de-a face.
Despre spectacolul desfasurat pe 1 iunie 2061 cu ocazia inaugurarii tunelului “Gotthard Base Tunnel” in Elvetia sunt suficiente filme si articole pe Internet ca sa fie trasa concluzia ca acel spectacol a fost despre diavol. Aici intra numai un link spre un film pe YouTube, sursa originala a transmisiei fiind postul TV “RT”.

Aside from the fact that the devil has no imagination, it knows that it has not much time to do harm through its servants, so some of these go on imitating and glorifying it in broad daylight, without fear.
Without fear, with pride, of course: before the fall.
Very good! It is good that people know what and who they deal with.
There are sufficient videos and articles on the Internet about the show on June 1, 2016 at the opening of the “Gotthard Base Tunnel” in Switzerland, so the conclusion can be drawn that that show was about the devil. Here is a link only to a video on YouTube, the original source of the stream being the TV channel “RT”.

Titlu: “Uncut Occult ceremony at the Opening of World’s longest tunnel near CERN in Gotthard massif.+ sound”
Postat de: “Soul Rescue”
Scurta descriere: “Streamed live on Jun 2, 2016”
Adresa-sursa pe Internet (2016.06.08 UTC13:00):