Hotararea privind iesirea Regatului Unit din Uniunea Europeana poate fi ‘intoarsa din drum’

Atentie, slugilor credincioase: keyword alert!

John Kerry: Brexit could be ‘walked back’
(John Kerry: Brexitul poate fi ‘intors din drum’)

Asta e ministrul de externe al Statelor Unite ale Americii.
This person is the Secretary of State (Minister of External Affairs) of the United States of America.

Adresa-sursa pe Internet, accesibila in 2016.06.29, UTC15:00:

Zau asa. Daca pana la varsta asta nu ai aflat, o scurta lectie iti poate fi de folos: printre chestiile care nu pot fi intoarse din drum se afla:
– raurile la izvoarele lor
– planetele ce se rotesc in jurul Soarelui
– conceptiile agitatorilor de razboi
– hotararile la care se ajunge pe cale democratica, prin intrebarea poporului ce parere are.
Fiindca se pare ca nu iti place democratia a carei definitie SUA si vasalii/ostaticii lor au pervertit-o incat o impun (de fapt, imaginea sa, pe care o au ei) cu razboiul de agresiune¬†asupra tarilor care nu li se supun de bunavoie, poti parasi planeta unde oricum ca tara sunteti din ce in ce mai putin iubiti si bagati in seama. Hai sa vedem cum poate fi “intors din drum” votul democratic, sau poate vi s-a facut de razboi civil in “tarile civilizate” ale “Vestului”; nu ca ati fi foarte departe de asa ceva, data fiind fragmentarea si tribalizarea societatii la care se lucreaza de zeci de ani.

Se pare ca POPORUL NESPALAT s-a cam saturat de aere globaliste si e gata sa trimita astfel de constructii in notele de subsol ale cartilor de istorie, acolo unde se afla atat de multe imperii din vechime.

You don’t say. If up until this age you haven’t found out yet, here’s a quick lesson that may be of some use to you: among the stuff that cannot be “walked back” there are:
– rivers back to their source
– planets that revolve around the Sun
– the mindset of warmongers
– decisions reached by democratic ways, by asking the people what is their opinion.
Since it looks like you don’t like democracy – whose definition the US and their vassals/hostages have perverted so that they impose (their idea they have of it, that is) it by war of aggression upon countries that do not bow down before you by free will – you may very well leave the planet on which you as a nation are less and less loved and listened to, anyway. Let’s see how the democratic vote can be “walked back”, or perhaps you are keen on civil war in the “civilized countries” of “the West”; not that you are very far from such issues, given the fragmentation and tribalization of society that is being worked upon since decades.

Looks like the UNWASHED PEOPLE have had quite enough of globalist airs and are ready to send such contraptions into the footnotes of history books, where so many empires of old are to be found.


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