Germania critica atitudinea ‘agitatoare de razboi’ a NATO impotriva Rusiei

“Germany slams NATO ‘warmongering’ on Russia”
(“Germania critica NATO pentru atitudinea sa ‘agitatoare de razboi’ impotriva Rusiei”)
Adresa-sursa pe Internet (2016.06.18 UTC 18:00):

Intr-adevar, iata cat de aproape de baze militare NATO si-au pus rusii tara…
Pana una-alta, “Vestul” e impanzit si infiltrat de tot soiul de sabotori ai societatii (interni si externi) si in istorie exista un exemplu al acestei situatii – cum Imperiul Roman a fost ajutat sa se destrame de catre “barbari”. Grijile “Vestului” sunt grave, dar Rusia nu se numara printre ele decat daca taie alimentarea cu energie, pentru a le da o lectie de bune maniere si convietuire pasnica.
Numai niste dezaxati si/sau ignoranti si/sau sinucigasi ar ataca o mare putere, dar sociopatii inarmati pana in dinti nu trebuie subestimati – mai ales cand de faptele lor depinde viata a miliarde de oameni.
Termenii de “teroare” si “a tine ostatici” necesita redefinire pentru a include amenintarea cu propaganda de razboi.

Indeed so, just look how close to NATO military bases the Russians placed their country…
As it is,”the West” is being crowded and infiltrated by all sorts of saboteurs of society (internal and external) and an example of this situation exists in history – how the Roman Empire was helped to unravel by “barbarians”. The plights of “the West” are major, but Russia is not among them, except if it interrupts the energy supply, for a lesson in good manners and peaceful conviving.
Only a reckless and/or clueless and/or suicidal bunch would attack a great power, but sociopaths armed to the teeth should not be underestimated – much more so when the life of billions of people depend on their actions.
The terms “terror” and “keeping hostages” require redefining, to include the threat by war propaganda.


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