Amenintarea existentiala @LOL

Despre razboi, de la sursa.
War talk, from the source.

“Russia ‘pushing EU to brink of war’ etc.”
(Rusia ‘impinge Uniunea Europeana in pragul razboiului'” etc.)

Adresa-sursa pe Internet (2016.05.30 UTC12:30):

“Pentagon: Russia poses ‘existential threat’ to the US once again”
(“Pentagon: Rusia prezinta iarasi o ‘amenintare existentiala’ la adresa Statelor Unite”)
Adresa-sursa pe Internet (2016.05.30 UTC13:30, stire din 2015.08.21):

Zau asa. Stati linistiti, aproape oricine stie ca sunt destule tari care pana mai ieri erau numai ca niste pete pe harta lumii si care astazi sunt gata sa se arunce in prima linie de aparare de dragul loialitatii.

You don’t say. Don’t worry, almost everybody knows that there are enough countries that until yesterday were like stains on the world map, and today are ready to throw themselves in the first line of defense, for the sake of loyalty.


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